What is sublimation?

Technically speaking, sublimation is the process of something changing from a solid to a gas, without first going through the liquid phase. Enough of the technical talk...

We use sublimation on apparel. Since the ink goes from a solid form to a gas form, it doesn't sit on top of the fabric. Instead, it binds with the fibers at a molecular level. How cool! This allows for a sublimated item to last longer, and maintain its vivid colors. As long as the products are taken care of properly, they are bound to last for a long time.

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Why choose sublimation?

There are so many reasons why sublimation should be your choice for apparel, signs, or even coffee mugs! It lasts.

Each of our items come with a care sheet. This sheet tells you how to properly care for your products. If you follow our simple instructions, you will have a product that will hold up for many, many uses.

A sublimated tee shirt will outlast one with a vinyl decal by years. The design will not crack over time like a screen printed tee will. The design on a sublimated tee will not feel any different than the rest of the tee that is not sublimated.