How It works

It's so easy to raise money for your cause, team, or charity through Inappropriate Ink. You send us your design, and you choose the price you want to sell your items for. We handle the rest. You choose how long to run your campaign, and we send your funds once your campaign ends. 

your design here.jpg

Step 1 - design and send

Create a design, or send us one you already have. This design will go on the items you would like to use in your campaign. We can put it on tee shirts, hoodies, jackets, and even bags! There are no fees to operate your campaign, or any inventory requirements. 

step 2 - set your price and goal

We list your items for whatever price you want to sell them for, and let us know how many you think you can sell. We will list them for the price you want, and only charge you a wholesale cost. Your campaign earns the profits!

image 2.jpg


step 3 - spread the word and earn profits

Promote your campaign by email, and all over social media. Make you can get it to go viral! There is no limit to the profits you can earn. Once your campaign closes, we will send all of the profits to you electronically. 

step 4 - we handle everything else

Inappropriate Ink handles everything from billing, order fulfillment, and customer service. Only thing you need to do is tell people about your campaign, send them to your custom page of our website, and start to make money for your cause, team, or charity!